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​​​Our Back Handspring Clinics are for beginner athletes who are ready to learn or improve their standing back handsprings. Our clinics will cover:

  • A review of foundational skills
  • In-depth back handspring drills
  • Mastering timing and confidence
  • Back handsprings with a spot
  • Series tumbling for intermediate/advanced athletes

Back Handspring Prep

This group is for beginner athletes aspiring to master the fundamental skills that will prepare them for attempting back handsprings. Participants will:

  • Focus on handstands, bridges, back bends, bridge kick-overs, and back walkovers
  • Be introduced to back handspring drills
  • Learn timing and develop confidence
  • Work toward performing a back handspring with a spot

Requirements: There are no skill requirements for this clinic.

Beginner Back Handspring

This group is for beginner athletes who are ready to learn and practice a standing back handspring. Participants will:

  • Review foundational skills
  • Perform in-depth back handspring drills
  • Master timing and confidence
  • Perform back handsprings with a light spot and move toward performing the back handspring with no spot

Requirements: Athletes attending this clinic should be able to control a handstand and a bridge, as well as perform a back bend kick-over or back walkover.

Intermediate Back Handspring

This group is for more advanced athletes who want to perfect their standing back handspring and round off back hand spring, and move on to back handspring series and back tucks. Participants will:

  • Perfect form and master their standing back handspring
  • Connect multiple standing back handsprings
  • Connect round off back handspring and multiple back handsprings
  • Work toward standing back tucks

Requirements: Athletes attending this clinic should have a strong standing back handspring on the floor with no spot, as well as a strong round off and the desire to patiently work hard toward connecting them.