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Cartwheel & Round-Off Clinic

(615) 280-1524

For beginner to intermediate athletes ready to learn cartwheels/round-offs or to master cartwheels/round-offs to improve their series tumbling. The round-off is the most important skill in any tumbling pass!!!!

  • Review of foundational skills
  • In depth cartwheel / round-off drills
  • Creating power
  • Series tumbling for intermediate / advanced athletes

$15 for members / $20 for non-members

This clinic is for athletes wishing to learn or master their cartwheel and/or round-off.  The cartwheel and round-off are two of the most important foundations of tumbling.  A perfect cartwheel and round-off make for an exceedingly easier road when starting/mastering round-off back handsprings and beyond!

There are no skill requirements to attend this clinic.